Benefits: The Power of the Collective

NATCA Legislative Victories

Nine different contracts for our represented aviation specialists, the largest representing over 14,000 members!
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NATCA works collaboratively with the Agency in a myriad of issues including all Safety and Training initiatives, and selects volunteers from the NATCA bargain unit to work on the many issues associated with these subjects. There are abundant opportunities to become involved in NATCA and in the many ongoing projects and programs that are having an impact on our workforce. It could be participating as a Subject Matter Expert during human in the loop testing for new technologies, or as an appointed NATCA representative overseeing a large program. There are anywhere between 120-150 ongoing or scheduled programs, projects, and initiatives that require resources to work on everything from initial development, to training, to implementation. Whether it be at the local, regional or national level, NATCA is a full collaborative partner with the FAA and works with the Agency to fill the many requests for resources that are made to fulfill the vital role these opportunities bring.

Safety & Technology
-- All positions associated with all applicable Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs (VSRP), including ATSAP.

-- Implementation of new technology’s that include Enroute Data Comm, Time Based Flow Management (TBDM), Terminal Flight Data Management (TFDM), all airspace projects including Metroplex and PBN procedures, and many more.

-- All positions associated with our ongoing collaborative efforts with the FAA to improve all aspects of controller and employee training.