FAA Bargaining Units

NATCA is a unique union representing people from all walks of life – from Republicans to Democrats to college graduates and military veterans – because safety is a universal issue, no matter what political party you belong to or where you come from. Safety above all is the litmus test in which all decisions the union makes are based on, as the people who join NATCA have the common goal of improving their professions and enhancing the safest and most efficient airspace system in the world.

The NATCA family is comprised of over 20,000 air traffic controllers, engineers and other safety-related professionals, with membership from every state, territory, and possession of the United States. We are one of the strongest and most influential labor unions in the federal sector, but we are not solely focused on labor. NATCA is also an important and critical voice in the aviation industry. NATCA family members are highly skilled and fully committed to ensuring the safety of every flight. NATCA is proud to represent not only the interest of its membership, but the safety interests of the flying public as well.

NATCA represents 19 bargaining units, which include Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Architects, Aircraft Certification Engineers, Air Traffic Control Staff Support Specialists, Drug Abatement Inspectors, and more. Each bargaining unit consists of members split up over 10 different regions, nine of which correspond to the geographic boundaries set by the FAA and deal primarily with air traffic related personnel.

NATCA's diversity, both with our bargaining units as well as our members, is what makes the union an industry powerhouse. It's our differences that make us stronger.